My name is Geraldine. I am a photographer located in south Germany / Switzerland.

Althoug I do not work as a photographer, I've always loved to be creative. In my teenage years, I drew and painted a lot. For a couple of years now, photography has been my passion.

For me, the focus is always on romantic and fantastic subjects.
I see myself as a painter with a camera who creates scenes and fills them with life by means of light. For me, photography starts with an idea or vision of a scene that I then realize photographically. I look for the right location or create the set to match, choose and produce the right clothes and jewellery; I make-up and style the models and complete the vision with the right pose followed by image editing. All these things are the brushstrokes of my pictures today.

For inquiries or feedback you can reach me via the contact details given here.

Until then, enjoy!